Written by
 Giti Equa Yonv Smith, Cherokee

The Wise man said when discussing the subject of courage in battle, that there were three kinds of men.

First, there were those who knew the risks involved in warfare, understood what it meant to die, and were desperately afraid.  When faced with the enemy, they turned and fled, unable to control their fears in the face of mortal danger.”  “These men,” he said, “were Cowards.”

Second, there were those that went to war with absolutely no understanding of what might happen to them.  They had no sense of there own vulnerability, and they had never considered what it meant to die.  When faced with the enemy, they charged forward without the slightest thought of the consequences.”  He called these men, “Fools”.

Third, there were those who entered the battle fully aware of the dangers they faced and fearful that they might lose their lives.  They had contemplated death and knew that it was an ever-present possibility on the field of battle.  Yet, afraid of the enemy’s ability to wound or kill them, they nonetheless controlled their fears, marched into battle, and fought for their people.  Only these men, were truly brave, because only they were willing to risk their lives in full knowledge of the dangers involved,” according to this wise man.  Such are the people, men, women, and children that are TRULY NATIVE AMERICAN !!


This conversation was between a WWII Veteran Native American Elder and Giti Equa Yonv Smith in 1995.   Smith asked permission to quote the Elder and to print his words so that they would be used to teach others.  This Honorable humble Elder asked to remain anonymous.


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