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We are very honored to introduce to everyone, our Tribal Organization known as RedNation, Inc.  A learning and teaching Organization comprised of mixed-blood Native American Indian Descendants.  You do not have to be an enrolled member of RedNation, Inc. to enjoy this Website.   RedNation, Inc.  was initially formed by People of Cherokee Ancestry, but we soon began to realize that as we grew in membership, that our Organization needed to conform to the many Tribal affiliations that our membership was, and now, is being comprised of.  So therefore, we found it necessary to make the necessary adjustments, which now includes Indigenous People from all Nations of Native American Ancestry and Descent, where its active membership can and will adamantly proclaim that our organization is not just another internet group or website that is out to rip off the naive.    

RedNation, Inc. has expanded daily throughout this Country since its formation on August 28, 2002, and as it has been discussed among the leadership, that there is a needed goal for the movement of our people back to the East to our original homelands.  Through the hard work and dedication of the people of RedNation, Inc., one of our main objectives has been and always will be, to prepare a place for this to happen.  And, although we primarily focus on the learning and teaching aspects, we have been striving towards goals such as, acquiring enough land to accommodate a council house, a general store, a school, a medical facility, and lodges for the people to live in.  This requires a dedication of loyalty, honor and respect of the people that is continually taking the much larger step than usual. This doesn’t mean that we are any different from anyone else, but the time has come now to quit “belly-aching” and get busy doing something about improving the situations that are necessary, NOT just for ourselves, but for the survival of our future generations as well, through the preservation of our various Native American Languages, Religious Beliefs and Practices, Cultures and Heritages.

We are a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, non-profit Tribal Organization of mixed-blood people that will continually need donations. ALL donations go to the maintenance of the Organization and are a tax write-off.  There are no paid employees nor does any member receive donated monies for their personal gain.

We don’t believe in dividing our blood into fractions to determine whether we are an “Indian” or not, and we do not depend on the “BIA” to make any kind of determination concerning us.  Federal Rolls, a Federal Enrollment Card, or a Membership Card from our “Organization”, do not make a person “Indian.”  Only you and the Creator knows what is in your heart.  This is what determines being a true “Native Indigenous Person.”

We realize that some of the previous statements are going to raise eyebrows by many and you might decide not look any further, we ask that before you close your minds and quit reading here, and decide that this is not necessarily for you, understand this: the prophesies of the Elders are now happening. There will come a time very soon when the goals that we are striving for will be in existence.  The ones that have helped us to achieve them, they and their descendants will be the ones to “reap the harvest.”  We firmly believe that we as a unified “Organization” of Native Indigenous Peoples, WILL survive into the future.

Anyone that casts any negativity towards us…. May the Creator be with you, for we don’t have the time to waste on you.  For the ones that are like-minded with us, you are welcomed with open arms.  Come join us and be a part of the “inevitable.”

For further contact, e-mail us at: moreinfo@rednation.net

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